Camera Shots Project

This blog post is not a regular one this is the movie project post.

The movie that I am watching is called Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century I am watching the movie from 00:00:44 to 00:05:00

establishing shot~

This shot was the opening shot of the movie. This was the very first shot showing the main character  In the movie. It was kind of showing her personality and they way she is.

close up~

This camera shot was a close up to a picture frame on the main character (Zenon) dresser.of her when she was little. A picture of her on earth, which if foreshadowing her going to earth later in the movie. (I already saw this movie).

wide shot~

A shot introducing the parents of the main character.

close up~

The close up shots were focusing on Zenon when she woke up to go to school. They needed a close up to show what her face looked like because they have not showed it yet in this movie.

close up~

This shot was showing the mother talking to Zenon telling her to get up for school.

push and pull~

this effect was their to show the audience the outside of the spaceship that she was on. They were showing us the reason she everything looked so retro and futuristic. They were in space.

moving camera~

I do not remember what this shot was called but it was the one with a person walking and the camera following them but from a distance. Like showing someone walking on a side walk but the camera is on the other side of the street following the character. This shot was to show the main character running to class because she woke up late.

Over the shoulder~

This shot was her running to class but the angle changed to over the shoulder so we could see what was in front of her and the amount of people she was bumping into to go to class.

moving camera shot~

Still running

over the shoulder~

still running

wide shot~

showing Zenon climbing up a ladder into a air vent to take a short cut into to class.

Pov Shot~

showing her sliding through a crowd on baggage cart  and showing what she ducking under and jumping over. It looks like a lot of fun.

wide shot~

showing her finally getting to class and it is just a general over view of the classroom and everybody sitting inside of it.

Close up-

camera shot of Zenon  putting in her head phones to look at her computer.\

Over the shoulder~

A general shot of the makers showing us what Zenon is looking at on her computer. She playing a game on her computer when he is supposed  to be doing class work.



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