This is my last time ever having to write a blog post for the class so this is probably the last time you will ever see me on this account . I just want you to know peace out have a nice life I’m going to high-school my guyūü§™

end of school

it’s coming up to the last day of school and I am excited but at the same time really scared. I’m gonna miss my friends so much I met people that you have a ounce in a life time friendship with and we’re separating. I am kind of over school well not kind of I’m really over school but I will live. I just know I’m gonna miss my clique:(

Script Comparisons

The movie I will be watching and comparing is guardians of the galaxy 2.

~In the very beginning of the movie the girl was was not supost to sing the whole song, she was supost  to say  dododododdo, but she ended up singing half of the song.

~When they are outside in the forest the guy adds some stuff to his dialogue but they probably changed it when he was acting.

~while Gamora and starlord are arguing back and forth they changed some lines so he is not saying some stuff about a sword.

Everything was pretty much the same for the first five minutes of the movie, but the dialogue was changed a little bit. They had there characters in the same places and the zoomed into the same things and played the same music they just changed the dialogue a little. Over all that movie was the same.

Khalid won

At the billboard music awards today one my favorite artist won and I am so proud of him. He won for top new artist of the year and he so deserves it. His music is so different and I am so proud feel like a mom. When I found out I was screaming to the top  of my lungs. I felt like the proudest black mom out there even tho I am 13 but that is not the point. If your reading this I am so proud of you Khalid.

Dance competition

This weekend I went to a dance competition and I feel that we did pretty good. We competed tap jazz contemporary, and hip hop. We did good placing wise and we even won to special awards. I have been competing since I was 8 so I am used to the people their being competitive and acting like  butt holes to other dancers. My studio is known for being the nice studio. We are always nice to other dancers and make sure everyone knows they did great. I am so tired and I am so ready to go to sleep.