For dance I suppose to be going on a trip to Hawaii to perform their and I do not know if I am going anymore and it makes me Sad. I really want ta go this year because last year it was so much fun and I really want to relive that. I am existed to go with dance people and I only pray for 4 things this year.Going on that trip, good health and protection for my family. Donald trump does not make the world explode, and to keep this roof over my head.


Famous People

I went to a birthday party this weekend and things turned out better then i thought they would. A rapper coming to the party and surprising the birthday girl along with all other people even me.I took and picture with him and it was great. I had more fun taking pictures with him then i did all night. I really enjoyed half of that party and glad I went.


As the rest of my blogs will tell you I am a very weird person and sometimes it helps and sometimes it does not. When I myself in classes with friends sometimes people look at me weird like I have a problem like their disgusted in me. Sometimes i get really insecure and that does not happen a lot, like never but sometimes it does happen. It only happens around guys for some reason. When i’m around male species and I am myself i tend to get really insecure. Around girl I could care less . Girls are messy so being myself repels some of them, and that makes me happy. Around guys its different and I do not know why. Maybe it’s because i’m trying to impress them but I don’t know why.  I just hate the insecurity is a thing. I only have it in one scenario and if i could make it go away for that I would.


Feelings are the worst, the absolute worst. I mean I have them whenever I watch a movie, but to other people I try not to show them. Recently tho I have caught feeling, and its the most terrible thing in the world. I actually like someone and that is  bad. I’m so used to getting broken down, that I tried to cut off my feelings for good. I cant stop thinking about this person and its concerning me. I want to let them go but I cant and I need help. Any advise?


Twitter is by far the best app ever. I never thought I would end up liking it, but turns out it is one of my favorite apps now. The people on their are exactly like me an that is that I like about it. I like to laugh and that cite makes me laugh like no other. So I guess this is an appreciation post. Thank you twitter.


On Friday I was siting at lunch and I was really quiet and i was not talking, I was just on my phone playing games and people kept coming up to me asking if I was OK. I kept telling people i was fine but they just coming up to me it started to get on my nerves. I got up to go trough something away and this person came up behind me and kept pushing me and was asking me if i was OK and as many times as I said yes she would not leave me alone. I was about to start crying because of how irritated was getting I swear i was gonna explode. I understand they were just trying to be good friends but come on if i say i’m fine either ask me one more time and walk away of believe me please. Then people were standing in the Conner whispering like oh my gosh that  irritated me the most. The real reason I was so quiet was because i just wanted some time to myself. Yes i love my friends more then I love myself sometimes, but sometimes they get to be to much for me. I cant really function when that happens, so i just sat down and decided to be quiet, and it worked for a while until i could not get rid of them. Thank you for reading my rant.