Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr says he did not aim to hurt Aaron Rodgers when he hit the Green Bay Packersquarterback outside the pocket and fractured his collarbone.

“By no means was I trying to injure or take out Aaron Rodgers,” Barr said Friday. “He’s one of, if not, the best player in this league. I’m not a dirty player. I don’t play dirty. We don’t preach that around here.

“It’s unfortunate, the injury. I hate to see anybody get hurt. It’s a gift and a privilege to be able to play on the field each week, so I would never try and take that away from anybody, let alone one of the best players in our game.”

Barr was the subject of strong criticism from Packers coach Mike McCarthy earlier this week and received immense backlash from fans on social media during the game.

“When I got back to my phone at halftime, I had like 3,000 notifications,” Barr said. “Mostly not too kind words. I get it. I understand where they’re coming from.”

The NFL on Friday deemed Barr’s hit legal by not fining him. The league, however, did hand down a $9,115 fine for his head-butt of Packers wide receiver Davante Adams.

The tackle occurred six plays into the Packers’ second drive. Rodgers rolled out of the pocket to his right and threw a pass to Martellus Bennett, which the tight end dropped. Barr followed through on what he called a routine tackle, saying he would not have done anything differently.

“I think I hit Jameis [Winston] similar earlier in the season and nobody mentioned it,” Barr said. “It’s a dirty play in some people’s eyes because of the injury. I think if he gets up, we’re not having this conversation. I wish him a speedy recovery. [He’s] one of my favorite players to compete against, play against.


The plan for Aaron Rodgers‘ recovery — and possible chance to return this season — was being finalized Friday, one day after the Packers quarterback underwent surgery to repair his broken right collarbone.

The Packers placed Rodgers on injured reserve but could bring him back after eight weeks. The soonest Rodgers would be eligible to return would be Week 15 at Carolina.

“We’re actually discussing all the long-term options at this point,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “The focus has been on Aaron’s health, making sure everything went well with the surgery, and those discussions will continue.”

McCarthy said Rodgers will not attend Sunday’s game at Lambeau Field because he is recovering out of town. Team physician Dr. Pat McKenzie did not perform the surgery to repair Rodgers’ broken clavicle, but McCarthy said McKenzie reported to him that the surgery went well.

Movie Theater

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To: Hangerman

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Deshaun Watson making his whole team better

HOUSTON — Over the past two games, rookie quarterback Deshaun Watsonnot only has given the Houston Texans a passing game they haven’t had in a long time, but also has affected the entire team.

Even the head coach.

“Everybody asks me … how does he learn? It’s the same thing for me,” Bill O’Brien said. “How am I learning about coaching him? How is [quarterbacks coach] Sean Ryan learning about coaching him? That’s the type of guy he is. … [He’s] a very fun guy to coach because there’s a lot of good give-and-take in the meeting room.

“I think there’s a definite correlation between good players and good coaches.”

In the past two games, the Texans have scored 90 points — 76 on offense — in a home rout of the Tennessee Titans and a three-point road loss to the New England Patriots.

Watson not only has improved the passing game but also has made the rest of the team better, boosting the Texans’ defense and offensive line. Watson wears defenses down, while his own defense, one of the best in football, is able to rest.

“I think any time that you have a quarterback who performed like he did on Sunday at a pretty high level, it kind of gives everybody a shot in the arm, a little bit of juice, some confidence,” Ryan said.

“He changes the game and gets things moving. Certainly, he did that Sunday, and we have to build on that.”

Passing game

In 2016, the Texans ran the ball well but struggled through the air with QBs Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage. Watson has played all but nine offensive series for the Texans in 2017. Savage opened the season as the starter but was benched at halftime of the Texans’ Week 1 loss to the Jaguars. And Savage replaced the rookie at the end of Houston’s 57-14 blowout of Tennessee in Week 4.

Watson is averaging 2.46 points per drive (and 5.3 yards per play) compared to the 0.33 points (and 1.6 yards per play) Savage has generated, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The rookie is averaging 7.1 yards per pass attempt to Savage’s 4.8.

“I just know if I get open, he’s going to put the ball in the right spot,” wide receiver Bruce Ellington said. “It just makes my job easier when I know the ball’s going to be right there if I come out and make a move after the catch.”

Against the Titans, the Texans ran read-option plays with Watson, something wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins said he hasn’t run since he was at Clemson, and something that NFL defenses rarely see.

“I feel like a rookie,” Hopkins said with a smile. “You have a guy like Deshaun out there that’s doing things that I haven’t done since I’ve been in college in that offense, just scrambling with a quarterback that can make plays after the play is considered dead. It’s a good feeling just knowing you have a guy that’s going to keep plays continued. A guy like Deshaun, it’s the same offense, but still, we have to do what he does best.”

In addition to opening up the Texans’ offense to new plays and schemes, particularly in the rushing attack, Watson’s legs have proved valuable in the passing game by extending plays. The Texans have never had a quarterback as mobile as Watson, particularly compared to Osweiler and Savage.

Watson put that on full display with his 49-yard touchdown run during Houston’s Week 2 victory in Cincinnati. It was the longest rushing touchdown by a quarterback in franchise history, and it was improvised: Watson escaped the pocket and made a play.

“Anytime that you have a quarterback that has the ability to make plays outside of the pocket, I definitely think that that adds another dimension to your offense that’s hard to defend,” O’Brien said. “Now, teams are going to do different things to keep him in the pocket, and I have a lot of trust and confidence in him that he’ll do a good job in that situation, too. His ability to extend plays has helped us.”

While every play that breaks down doesn’t conclude with Watson scrambling to the end zone, many of them end with completions to receivers who are getting used to improvising their routes when the need arises.

“We all make each other better,” Hopkins said. “Him getting the ball where it needs to be. Just getting the ball to his playmakers. He makes the whole team better, not just me.”

The world is ending

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